Graham Ogg – Scratching the surface of allergic reactions

source: Oxford BRC    2016年5月6日
Graham Ogg, Professor of Dermatology, University of Oxford, talks about how allergic disease is a major health problem which can have significant consequences for patients and their families. It can manifest as isolated skin problems through to severe reactions such as life-threatening anaphylaxis. Our skin, digestive system and lungs are exposed to billions of different external challenges each day, yet we still know little about why allergies tend to develop to particular food or airborne triggers. At the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre we are trying to understand how allergies occur and how to prevent and treat such problems. We have recently found a new cell type in the skin which seems to be important in contributing to allergic problems. Early research is showing us how the cell works and we are currently working on clinical trials to try to block the cell function. During the presentation, we will discuss what is known about processes that occur in the body during allergic reactions, and then show how the new cell type might contribute, and how future treatments might impact.

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