Understanding Anger Lecture by Gregory B. Sadler

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source: Gregory B. Sadler    2015年1月12日/上次更新日期:2015年12月9日
The series begins with an examination of understanding of anger articulated in Ancient Greek Epic and Tragedy -- particularly in Homer's Illiad, Euripides' Medea, and Sophocles Ajax. We also discuss anger more broadly, both in our own culture and in that of the Ancient Greeks, and touch on several other epic or tragic works.

Gregory B. Sadler is the president and co-founder of ReasonIO. If you're interested in tutorial sessions with Dr. Sadler, click here: https://reasonio.wordpress.com/tutori...

Lecture 1 - The Wrath of Achilles and the Rage of Medea 1:28:50
Lecture 2 - Why is Your Face Fallen? Anger in Jewish Scriptures 1:39:38
Lecture 3 - "Don't Get Mad Socrates": Anger in Plato's Dialogues 1:35:51
Lecture 4 - The First Scientific Examination: Aristotle on Anger 1:43:42
Lecture 5 - Emperors and Slaves Above the Passions: Stoic Philosophers on Anger 1:40:15
Lecture 6 - Empty Pleasures and Unnecessary Pains: Epicureans on Anger 1:47:46
Lecture 7 -- Another Platonic View: Plutarch on Controlling Anger 1:38:50
Lecture 8 - Whoever Is Angry with His Brother: Early Christian Discussions 1:42:52
Lecture 9 - A Medieval Synthesis: Thomas Aquinas’ Analyses of Anger 2:13:54

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