Ancient Israel by Daniel Fleming at New York University

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source: New York University   2011年11月16日/上次更新:2014年6月26日
Open Ed: Daniel Fleming, Ancient Israel
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Ancient Israel 1:14:09
Ancient Israel - Where to Begin: Israel in the Bible and Without it 1:13:13
Ancient Israel - Israel's Roots 1:12:38
Ancient Israel - Another World Out There 1:10:19
Ancient Israel - What to do with Genesis 1:06:47
Ancient Israel - God and Us 53:56
Ancient Israel - What to do with the Bible 1:13:02
Ancient Israel: Israel Arrives 1:11:05
Ancient Israel: The Good Life: No Sovereign in Site 1:12:23
Ancient Israel: Women and Power 1:09:45
Ancient Israel: And then there were Kings 1:06:00
Ancient Israel: Love and Marriage 1:14:39
Ancient Israel: Archaeology's 10th Century Solution 59:17
Ancient Israel: Israel and Judah: The Period of Two Kingdoms 1:09:44
Ancient Israel: The House of David 1:00:53
Ancient Israel: How the Other Side Lives (or, Israel in the East) 1:12:33
Ancient Israel: What if God was Married 1:09:11
Ancient Israel: Judah Alone 1:10:20
Ancient Israel - Yellow Journalism and Purple Prose: Writing Like a Prophet 57:25
Ancient Israel: Judah the Ideal and the End of Judah 45:42
Ancient Israel: Empires, in the Biblical Context 1:09:47
Ancient Israel: Judah's Bible 44:59
Ancient Israel: A World with One Power: The Impact of Empire 40:31
Ancient Israel: Away from Home: Jewish Refugees and Resettlement 1:08:44
Ancient Israel: When You Talk About Sex 1:10:19
Ancient Israel: We Need a Bible, Don't We? The Work of the Early Jewish Community 1:05:40
Ancient Israel: Ancient Hebrew Psychology 56:47

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