Science on Saturdays at Yale - Mark Reed - The Future of Electronics

source: Yale University     2016年2月9日
The invention of the transistor lead to a revolution in electronics that produced integrated circuits, which in many ways define our modern civilization. Yet within our lifetime, the face of electronics will change as we approach the limits of the present technology. At the same time, we are poised at the edge of another revolution where even more complex and different devices may create a radically different form of new electronics. At Yale's Science on Saturdays on February, 6, 2016, Prof. Mark Reed tells us about the potential of this new world in his lecture "The Future of Electronics."

Science on Saturdays is an award-winning lecture series that features scientists whose passion for their work inspires us all. Each event involves a lecture by a Yale professor and engaging science demonstrations by Yale college students. Science on Saturdays provides an opportunity for Yale scientists and residents of New Haven and beyond to come together over a shared sense of wonder. Past topics have included "Why Birds Are Dinosaurs," "Nu Frontiers in Neutrino Physics," and "Chaperonins: Molecular Origami Machines."

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