Kenny Nguyen and Gus Murillo: "The Big Fish Experience" | Talks at Google

source: Talks at Google 2016年5月9日
After attending “the worst presentation they had ever seen”, Kenny Nguyen and Gus Murillo vowed to make sure no else would ever need to suffer through similar experience again. Together they co-founded Big Fish Presentations, a creative agency with the mission to transform presentations into unforgettable experiences. Big Fish Presentations was recently named one of the top 50 student-led startups in the world by the Kairos Society and also featured in Inc. Magazine’s “Coolest College Start-ups of 2012” list.http://thebigfishexperience.co

Their book, The Big Fish Experience, is a step-by-step guide containing valuable techniques and proven tips to help turn any presentation into an experience. Hear Kenny Nguyen and Gus Murillo discuss the story of their company, their new book, and tips and tricks that anyone can use to take presentations to the next level.

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