2015 Computer Science & Engineering Colloquia (U of Washington)

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Machines of Loving Grace: Terminator Anxiety, or Will the Robots Arrive Just in Time? 54:20
Research at Microsoft: Looking Beyond the Horizon  58:11
Stratospheric Exploration - The Ultimate Science Project 53:39
Our Computer Systems Are Not Good Enough 57:55
The Linguistics of Food, Innovation and Community 57:28
Observations On Doing Research and On Creating Sublime User Experiences 58:36
Sensors, Systems, and Materials for Personalized Bioelectronics 55:31
Energy-Efficient Architectures Using Three-Dimensional Integration and Near-Threshold Computing 59:46
Towards Provable and Practical Machine Learning 58:25
Scalable Inference and Learning for High-Level Probabilistic Models 58:14
Learning Systems: Systems and Abstractions for Large-Scale Machine Learning 52:44
Real-time optimization algorithms for dynamic walking, running, and manipulating robots 53:35
Building an Operating System for the Data Center 57:08
Incentives for Collective Behavior: Badges, Procrastination and Long-Range Goals 1:02:00
The Surprising Power of Modern Cryptography 54:56
Crowd-Agents: Creating Crowd-Powered Interactive Systems 56:57
Community Cellular Networks 52:46
Large-Scale Deep Learning for Building Intelligent Computer Systems 59:40
Deep Learning for Decision Making and Control 56:03
Structuring Peer Interactions for Learning at Scale 57:45

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