Matthew Segall: "Mind & Nature in German Idealism" (exploring the ideas of Kant, Fichte, Goethe, Hegel, and Schelling)

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Lecture 1: Metaphysics Before Kant  56:11
Lecture 2: Kant's Copernican Revolution 52:35
Lecture 3: Kant's Critique of Judgment 52:53
Lecture 4: Fichte's Subjective Idealism 57:20
Lecture 5: Schelling's Philosophy of Nature 53:29
Lecture 6: Goethe's Scientific Method 55:25
Lecture 7: Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit 57:41
Lecture 8: Schelling's Criticism of Hegel 50:21
Lecture 9: Schelling's Philosophy of Myth and Revelation 51:06
Lecture 10: The Odyssey of German Idealism 57:39

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