Sociocultural Materialism by Frank Elwell at Rogers State University

1. The Universal Structure of Sociocultural Systems

source: Frank Elwell    2013年7月11日
An introductory lecture to sociocultural materialism, a revision of Marvin Harris's cultural materialism. This theory integrates the sociology of Max Weber into Harris's basic theory, as well as the insights of many contemporary sociologists and anthropologists.

2. Sociocultural Materialism: System Dynamics

source: Frank Elwell    2013年7月11日
The second of a two-part lecture on sociocultural materialism, a sociological revision of Marvin Harris's Cultural Materialism. Sociocultural materialism is a macro-social theory that focuses upon the origin, maintenance, and change of society. An evolutionary-ecological theory it owes much to the work not only of Harris, but also Max Weber, Gerhard Lenski, and other sociologists.

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