Doug Kellner Full Interview

source: Joe Galbo    2014年9月18日
Douglas Kellner is a critical theorist in the tradition of the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research, or Frankfurt School. Kellner was an early theorist of the field of critical media literacy and has been a leading theorist of media culture. In his recent work, he has increasingly argued that media culture has become dominated by the forms of spectacle and mega-spectacle.

Kellner has written with a number of authors, including an award-winning trilogy of books on post-modern turns in philosophy, the arts, and in science and technology. More recently, he is known for his work exploring the politically oppositional potentials of new media. Kellner is now overseeing the publication of six volumes of the collected papers of the critical theorist Herbert Marcuse. Kellner is the George Kneller Chair in the Philosophy of Education in the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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