Feminist Theory by Mindi Torrey / Michigan State University

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source: somaticparadox 2014年8月12日 / list compiled by Kathryn Klaver
Mindi Torrey (Department of Philosophy) / Michigan State University

MacKinnon, "Consciousness Raising 13:13
"Oppression" by Marilyn Frye 25:24
Bartky, "On Psychological Oppression" 29:30
Beauvoir, "Introduction to the Second Sex" 25:39
Butler's "Performative Acts and Gender Constitution" 34:48
Fausto-Sterling "Should There Be Only Two Sexes" 15:44
Mackinnon, "Sexuality" 18:28
Lugones, "Playfulness, 'World'-Travelling and Loving Perception" 16:33
MacIntosh, "White Privilege" 14:39
Spelman, "The Ampersand Problem" 13:30
Crenshaw, "Mapping the Margins" 24:16
Wendell, "Toward a Feminist Theory of Disability" 23:11
Lugones, "Purity, Impurity, and Separation" 32:57
Code, "Taking Subjectivity Into Account" 21:27
Allen, "Forgetting Yourself" 25:00

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