Feminist theories

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source: BU WGS      2014年8月18日

Women, Psychology and the Women’s Liberation Movement: Transforming Psychology 1:18:10
Challenges and Alliances Across Boundaries of Race, Sexuality, and Class 1:33:16
Organize! Women in 1960s Social Justice Movements Claim Women’s Rights 1:31:05
Expanding and Redefining the Traditional Women’s Liberation Narrative 1:19:07
Competing Narratives about Sexuality and its Social Construction (pt.1) 50:24
Competing Narratives about Sexuality and its Social Construction (pt. 2) 13:56
Women’s Liberation in the Halls of Congress: Bella Abzug, Shirley Chisholm, Patsy Mink 1:21:00
A Revolution of Poets 1:20:24
Las Mujeres de la Caucus Chicana (Women of the Chicana Caucus) 1:23:01
Revisiting 70’s Feminist Theory 1:33:36
Hope, Change, and Feminist Activism in the American South from the 1960s through the 1990s 1:29:14
The Radical Roots of the National Women’s Political Caucus 1:18:41
The Translation of Women’s Liberation into Law and Feminist Legal Theory and Practice 1:30:56
Women’s Liberation Movement à la Québec 1:23:13
How Film Told Our Story: Documenting Second-Wave Feminism Through Film 1:28:06
Second Wave Organizations and Their Offspring (The Cambridge Women’s Center) 1:18:45
The Personal, the Market, and the State 1:15:11
Women’s Liberation in Action: Theory, Practice and Organization 1:15:24
Women’s Liberation’s Revolutionary Potential 1:10:16
Historians discuss our historical narratives about the women’s liberation movement 1:29:42
Reproduction and Abortion 1:25:26
Formative Years: The Birth of Our Bodies Ourselves 1:20:52

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