Structuralism: on 'Properties of Language' (by Thomas Hoffmann at the University of Osnabrück)

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source: Thomas Hoffmann      上次更新日期:2013年4月29日
Introduction to English Linguistics by Thomas Hoffmann (University of Osnabrück)

1 Structuralism: Language as a System 10:00
In this video, Saussure's notion of language as a system is discussed and the two fundamental unit finding principles (paradigmatic substitution and syntagmatic relationships) are introduced.
1 Structuralism: The Linguistic Sign 5:54
This particular video introduces Saussure's notion of the linguistic sign.
1 Beyond Linguistic Signs: Semiotics 6:35
This particular video discusses the semiotic definition of signs.
The English Language: A Linguistic Introduction (MOOC) 2:12

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