25 Concepts in Anthropology by Nicholas Herriman

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source: Nicholas Herriman     上次更新日期:2015年2月25日
I'm Nick Herriman, author of Entangled State, www.yale.edu/seas/EntangledState.htm. In the "25 Concepts in Anthropology" series, I present what I think are the 25 most important concepts in socio-cultural anthropology. Each concept provides a unique insight into what it is to be human. This episode concerns the concept of "embodiment". Terms and concepts covered include: Phenomenology (implies that we all see objects differently, depending on our experiences and perceptions; you never know things as they are, you never know a thing 'in itself' [noumenon], all you know is what you get from your perception and experience of it [phenomenon]; and this perception is, according to Merleau-Ponty inescapably stuck in our own subjectivity / body); Embodiment (cultural 'muscle memory'); habitus (your taste, accent, style, dress etc. which reflects class, ethnic etc identity).
Cultures covered included: Orthodox Jewish, Azande, Javanese, Vietnamese, Kuranko
Recommended reading:
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Embodiment: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 9:51
Commodity: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 17:04
Reciprocity: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 11:25
Community & Society: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 11:24
Modernity: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 12:57
Anthropology: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 11:41
Mode of Production: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 13:51
Kinship: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 12:31
Magic: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 14:00
Rites of Passage: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 9:33
Rituals (2 of 2): 25 Concepts in Anthropology 4:16
Rituals (1 of 2): 25 Concepts in Anthropology 3:07
Structure & Agency: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 9:39
Moral Economy: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 15:46
Life Cycle: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 12:38
Patron-Client: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 11:01
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Social Construction: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 9:24
History: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 13:16
Syncretism: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 14:12
Symbol: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 26:00
Gender: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 16:07
Religion: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 18:31
Culture: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 11:51
Mode of Adaptation: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 13:11
Traditional & Rational: 25 Concepts in Anthropology 13:44

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