Why Heritage is Our Future

source: The RSA      2015年11月13日
A panel of experts discuss what the RSA’s Heritage Index has revealed, and what a modern, community-led approach to living heritage looks like.
Is it time to reimagine heritage?
The RSA and the Heritage Lottery Fund have released a UK-wide Heritage Index that brings together over 100 indicators into a single score of heritage vitality. With devolution of political power to cities and counties gathering pace, the need for a richer understanding of place-based identity and local distinctiveness is more essential than ever. How can communities best draw on their distinctive local heritage and identity to achieve better social and environmental outcomes?
Speakers: Leo Hollis, historian, urbanist and author of Cities Are Good For You: The Genius of the Metropolis; Gareth Maeer, Head of Research at the Heritage Lottery Fund; Maria Adebowale, founding director of Living Space Project, specialist in community-led placeshaping; Anastasia Knox, associate director at research and insight agency BritainThinks
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