George Miller: "Mad Max: Fury Road" | Talks at Google

source: Talks at Google      2015年11月13日
Academy Award winning director George Miller discusses story, stunts, characters, and use of technology of his 2015 hit film, "Mad Max: Fury Road."
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Dr. George Miller AO is an Australian film director, screenwriter, producer, and former medical doctor. He is best known for his Mad Max franchise, with "The Road Warrior" and "Fury Road" being hailed as two of the greatest action films of all time. Aside from the Mad Max films, Miller has been involved in a wide range of projects including the Academy Award-winning Babe and the animated-musical Happy Feet film series.

Years after the collapse of civilization, the tyrannical Immortan Joe enslaves apocalypse survivors inside the desert fortress the Citadel. When the road warrior Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) leads the despot's five wives in a daring escape, she forges an alliance with Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy), a loner and former captive. Fortified in the massive, armored truck the War Rig, they try to outrun the ruthless warlord and his henchmen in a deadly high-speed chase through the Wasteland.
Moderated by Kevin Vlk

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