Martin Gardner 101--Presented by Colm Mulcahy

source: GoogleTechTalks      2015年9月28日
July 30, 2015

What does anybody need to know today about prolific and influential writer Martin Gardner (1914--2010), whose publishing career lasted 80 years?
Martin was most well known for his "Mathematical Games" column in Scientific American, which ran from the 1950s to the 1980s, introducing thousands of budding mathematicians and computer scientists to elegant problems and magical items which still inspire "Aha!" moments today. He wrote 101 non-fiction books on topics ranging from magic, physics and puzzles to Alice in Wonderland, skepticism, philosophy and religion.
"Martin Gardner 101" will cover the basics, as we approach his 101st birthday this October, surveying some of what The Best Friend Mathematics Ever Had achieved and the thought-provoking legacy he left behind.
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About the Speaker
Colm Mulcahy is Professor of Mathematics at Spelman College, in Atlanta, and author of the book "Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects" (AK Peters/CRC Press, 2013). His original puzzles and card effects have appeared in the New York Times, and he has blogged for Scientific American and Huffington Post. He was fortunate to know Martin Gardner for the last decade of his life. He tweets at @CardColm.

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