Musical Improvisation, Spring 2013 (Mark Harvey & Tom Hall at MIT)

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MIT 21M.355 Musical Improvisation, Spring 2013
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Selected videos that illustrate classroom lecture and performance instruction, student work on assignments, and concerts and in-class workshops by several guest artists.
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Lab 1: Introduction 56:35
Concert Series 1: FiLmprov 24:20
7. "In a Silent Way" and student demonstrations 48:21
Concert Series 2: Natraj with guest Chitravina Ravikiran 1:58:06
Guest Artist Workshop 2.1: Indian Classical Music
Guest Artist Workshop 2.2: Indian Classical Music student demonstrations 1:12:51
Guest Artist Workshop 3.1: Electronics 1:19:56
Concert Series 3: Neil Leonard and Robin Eubanks 1:22:56
Guest Artist Workshop 3.2: Electronics student demonstrations 1:06:29
12. Flexology student demonstrations 1:07:06
Guest Artist Workshop 4.1: Tim Ray and Eugene Friesen 1:25:04
Concert Series 4: Tre Corda 1:09:17
Guest Artist Workshop 4.2: Tim Ray and Greg Hopkins 1:12:48