Big Data in Biomedicine Conference 2015 (Stanford U)

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source: Stanford     Last updated on 2015年7月9日
Leaders from academia, hospitals, government and industry gathered at the School of Medicine from May 20-22 to discuss using large scale computing and data analysis to improve human health. Learn more: http://stanford.io/1Iaqy73
Visit our website at http://bigdata.stanford.edu/.

Fireside Chat  50:00
Amy Abernathy, Flatiron  14:04
Julia Adler-Milstein, University of Michigan  11:31
Genevera Allen, Rice University  12:30
Euan Ashley, Stanford University 6:21
David Atkins, US Department of Veterans Affairs 13:46
Robert Califf, FDA 12:30
Laura Carstensen, Stanford University 15:38
Mildred Cho, Stanford University 15:02
Mark Cullen, Stanford University 14:41
Christina Curtis, Stanford University 14:02
Rhiju Das, Stanford University 13:06
Scott Delp, Stanford University 12:58
Gwenaelle Douaud, University of Oxford 12:30
Ram Fish, Samsung 10:42
David Glazer, Google 13:32
Viviana Gradinaru, California Institute of Technology 12:09
Henry T. Greely, Stanford University 13:02
Michael Greicius, Stanford University 13:53
Nir Hacohen, Harvard University & Broad Institute 15:11
David Haussler, University of California Santa Cruz 13:33
David Heckerman, Microsoft 13:13
Taha Kass-Hout, FDA 21:58
Jane Kaye, University of Oxford 13:05
Purvesh Khatri, Stanford University 15:14
Michael Levitt, Stanford University 29:19
Tracy Lieu, Kaiser Permanente Northern California 13:46
Bernard Lo, Greenwall Foundation 14:56
Christopher Longhurst, Stanford University 12:55
Lester Mackey, Stanford University 10:38
David Maron, Stanford University 5:58
Rob Merkel, IBM Watson Group 12:55
Matthew Might, University of Utah 14:26
Lloyd Minor, Stanford University 30:33
Mark Musen, Stanford University 15:14
Peter Norvig, Google 14:46
Kunle Olukotun, Stanford University 13:23
Dana Pe’er, Columbia University 14:34
Heidi Rehm, Harvard University & BWH 13:07
Ida Sim, University of California San Francisco 13:45
Andrew Su, Scripps Research Institute 13:18
Ruth Travis, University of Oxford 19:35
Sharon Terry, Genetic Alliance 25:48
Brian Wandell, Stanford University
Russ Altman, Stanford University 4:50
Chaitanya Baru, Stanford University 4:59
Ami Bhatt, Stanford University 4:24
Carlos Bustamante – Stanford University 5:00
Mark Davis, Stanford University 4:59
Sumbul Desai, Stanford University 6:47
Veena Goel, Stanford University 6:37
Susan Holmes, Stanford University 5:11
Ellora Israni, she++ 4:14
Jane Kaye – University of Oxford 7:43
Martin Landray, University of Oxford 6:33
Jennie Larkin, National Institutes of Health 3:47
Gary Morgenthaler – Morgenthaler Ventures 5:08
Douglas Owens, Stanford University 5:04
Euan Ashley, Stanford University 15:47
Latha Palaniappan, Stanford University 5:05
Sylvia Plevritis, Stanford University 5:45
Chris Ré, Stanford University 5:21
Julia Salzman, Stanford University 3:53
Alice Whittemore, Stanford University 5:06
Behind the Scenes – Atul Butte, UCSF 2:06
Behind the Scenes – Robert Califf, FDA & Taha Kass-Hout, FDA  3:49
Behind the Scenes – Ram Fish, Samsung 2:18
Behind the Scenes – David Glazer, Google 3:01
Behind the Scenes – Viviana Gradinaru, Caltech 2:44
Behind the Scenes – Jill Hagenkord, 23andMe 2:57
Behind the Scenes – Kathy Pham, US Digital Service 3:31
Behind the Scenes – Michael Snyder, Stanford University 2:30
Behind the Scenes – Food 2:04
Behind the Scenes – Gumballs 1:59
Behind the Scenes – What is Big Data? 1:47
Behind the Scenes 2:48
Christina Curtis, Stanford University 14:02
Jill Hagenkord, 23andMe 13:23
France Córdova, NSF 28:16