Series - Boyle Lectures, 2012-2017

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source: GreshamCollege        2012年2月8日
An annual lecture held at St Mary Le Bow Church on Cheapside.
The transcript and downloadable versions of the lectures are available from the Gresham College website: http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and...

1:00:51 Christ and Evolution: A Drama of Wisdom - Professor Celia Deane-Drummond
Perhaps the distinguishing characteristic of Christianity compared with other religious traditions is belief in God incarnate in Christ, the Word made flesh. But what might this mean in the context of modern evolutionary understanding of the human as ultimately emergent from simplest life forms? One way to solve this problem might be to suggest that Christ expressed the divine through his perfect actions in history. This avoids, however, the deeper challenge and meaning of the incarnation as traditionally expressed. Another way to solve the problem is to ignore the challenge of science altogether, and posit that the way we think about Christ is merely connected with different cultural forms. However, this ignores the central place of science in Western culture, keenly felt by the founder of this lecture series, Robert Boyle. I recognise elements of truth in the importance of how Christ acts in history as expressive of his divinity, and the close connection of Christology with culture. But I also suggest that it is possible to retain a more traditional, deeper understanding of Christ incarnate in a way that is compatible with evolutionary understanding by using the category of drama. Drama is, in effect, a different gloss on how to understand historical theology, the action of God in history. It is similar to narrative, except that drama puts more emphasis on contingency. This is crucial, in my view, as it allows evolutionary accounts that put most emphasis on contingent events to be woven into the theological account, but without loss of autonomy within the biological sphere. I will also suggest that the drama we see in Christ is a drama of Wisdom, where Wisdom is understood as a theological category expressing God's being and action. Wisdom also expresses the profound nature of the world as created in and through Wisdom. Christ as human and divine expresses, therefore, a drama of Wisdom incarnate.
1:07:34 The Boyle Lectures: Science and Religion in Dialogue - The Revd Dr John Polkinghorne
1:18:54 New Atheism, New Apologietics - Professor Alistair McGrath
1:06:17 Natural Theology Reconsidered (Again) - Dr Russell Re Manning
1:26:13 The Mathematics of Evolutionary Biology - Professor Sarah Coakley
57:50 The Boyle Lecture 2017

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