Raymond Flood (2013/14) - Applying Modern Mathematics

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source: GreshamCollege         2014年5月1日
Professor Raymond Flood is Gresham's Geometry Professor and a Maths Professor at Kellogg College, Oxford. In his series of lectures, Professor Flood describes and explains fundamental elements of mathematics. Taking the audience from basic principles to the highest level applications, these lectures are perfect for even the most mathematically challenged, and contain enough information and insight to excite a Fields medallist.
As well as covering topics like fractals, symmetries and topology, Professor Flood includes biographical, historical and social information in the subjects, working to create to most complete picture of modern mathematics available.website: http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and...
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1. 58:54 Butterflies, Chaos and Fractals
2. 1:05:04 Public Key Cryptography: Secrecy in Public
3. 1:00:54 Symmetries & Groups
4. 57:34 Surfaces and Topology
5. 52:50 Probability and Its Limits
6. 54:39 Modelling the Spread of Infectious Diseases

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