International Workshop on the Economy as a Complex System IV November 13- 14 2017

source: matsciencechannel          2017年12月22日

39:51 The Logical Foundations and Policy Design Implications of Complex Adaptive Systems
31:37 Financial markets as evolving complex systems: Correlations and co-movements
43:10 Crashing the (In)Efficient Market (Hypothesis)
37:52 Two different flavours of complexity in financial data
36:40 Big Data and Bottom-Up Agent-Based Simulations of Economies
32:16 Economics as a physical science - Robustness check and an example
27:40 Spectral distribution of high dimensional covariance matrix for non-synchronous financial data
1:04:18 Network anatomy of innovation: Growth and creative destruction in an evolutionary model
41:56 Financial markets modelling : Do data make it more physical?
10 40:04 Data-driven discovery of circadian rhythms of urban people - Are we like fruit flies?
11 [private video]
12 39:18 Fat tailed distributions for deaths in conflicts and disasters
13 49:12 Aggregation: From wisdom of the crowds to collective rationality
14  41:11 Study of early warning indicators of financial crisis
15 40:55 Correlation, similarity and random matrix perspective
16 39:18 Revisiting the rationality of Homo-economicus using co-action

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