SPECIAL 7th European congress of Mathematics Berlin 2016.

source: Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques   2015年8月3日

1:03:04 Gerd Faltings: The category MF in the semistable case
10:55 Interview at CIRM : Peter Scholze
46:01 Ingrid Bauer: Faithful actions of Gal(Q¯/Q) and change of fundamental group
55:21 Peter Scholze: p-adic cohomology of the Lubin-Tate tower
30:40 Salma Kuhlmann: Real closed fields and models of Peano arithmetic
55:47 Ulrike von Luxburg: Statistics on graphs and networks (II)
55:55 Natalia Tronko: Exact conservation laws for gyrokinetic Vlasov-Poisson equations
49:34 Sven Bachmann: A classification of gapped Hamiltonians in d=1
46:16 Christian Bär: Characteristic initial value problem for wave equations on manifolds
10 1:02:19 Peter Scholze: The Witt vector affine Grassmannian
11 15:51 Interview Pavel Exner
12 46:14 Christian Bär: Characteristic initial value problem for wave equations on manifolds
13 47:45 Jochen Blath: Genetic variability under the seed bank coalescent
14 52:18 Jan Bruinier: Classes of Heegner divisors and traces of singular moduli
15 42:59 Volker Diekert: Recognizable languages are Church-Rosser congruential
16 54:45 Peter Friz: Some examples of homogenization related rough paths
17 1:00:38 Ernst-Ulrich Gekeler: Algebraic curves with many rational points over non-prime finite fields
18 53:32 Jérémy Guéré : Mirror symmetry for singularities
19 1:06:49 Marc Levine: The rational motivic sphere spectrum and motivic Serre finiteness
20 25:24 Interview at CIRM : Endre Szemerédi, Abel Prize 2012
21 1:07:25 Heinrich Matzat: Braids and Galois groups
22 59:43 Volker Mehrmann : Extended Lagrange spaces and optimal control
23 59:52 Norbert Müller : Wrapping in exact real arithmetic
24 55:01 Hermann Schulz-Baldes: Invariants of disordered topological insulators
25 46:54 Aurélien Tellier: Plant ecology influences population genetics: the role of seed banks in [...]
26 55:04 Stefan Teufel: Peierls substitution for magnetic Bloch bands
27 1:32:07 Stephan Volkwein: POD a-posteriori error estimation for PDE constrained optimization
28 42:37 Tobias Weich: Resonance chains on Schottky surfaces
29 47:28 Dirk Werner: The Daugavet equation for Lipschitz operators
30 53:23 Sander Zwegers: Fourier coefficients of meromorphic Jacobi forms
31 36:26 Endre Szemerédi: Maximum size of a set of integers

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