Iterative Methods Concerence

source: NanoBio Node           2016年6月29日

24:20 Sampling from Bayesian Inverse Problems with L1-type Priors (Jonathan Bardsley)
23:48 Spectrum Slicing in the Context of Computing Many Eigenvalues (Eloy Romero)
22:50 Composing Nonlinear Solvers for Optimization Problems (Alexander Howse)
22:35 Randomized Block Iterative Methods for the Singular Value Decomposition (Cameron Musco)
26:19 A deflated Schur complement method (Sumedh Joshi)
24:44 Applying model reduction to Krylov-subspace recycling (Kevin Carlberg)
25:10 μ -BFBT Preconditioner for Stokes Flow Problems with Strongly Heterogeneous Viscosity (Johann Rudi)
24:17 Matrix-vector-multiplication for solving high dimensional Schrödinger problems (Rainer Hartmann)
20:19 Least-Squares mixed finite elements for elasticity (Fleuriane Bertrand)
10 23:46 Multigrid Methods for Isogeometric Thin Plate Discretizations (Joseph Benzaken)
11 22:04 Performance Analysis of Coarse Solvers for Algebraic Multigrid (Sherry Li)
12 23:31 Fast Iterative Methods for Bayesian Inverse Problems (Arvind Krishna Saibaba)
13 22:04 Uzawa smoother in multigrid for coupled porous medium and Stokes flow system (Peiyao Luo)
14 21:56 Joint Full Waveform Inversion and Travel Time Tomography (Eran Treister)
15 21:49 Nonlinear Multigrid Solver Exploiting AMGe Coarse Spaces (Max la Cour Christensen)
16 26:11 iFP: Vlasov-Rosenbluth-Fokker-Planck code for ICF capsule implosion simulations (William Taitano)
17 23:52 Heterogeneous resolution of commute time embedding features in Krylov subspaces (Alex Breuer)
18 21:34 Fluidity Based Formulation of Nonlinear Stokes Flow for Ice Sheets using FOSLS (Jeffery Allen)
19 15:49 A Lanczos method for parameter dimension reduction with inverse regression (Andrew Glaws)
20 26:20 Hypothesis testing for community detection on the stochastic block model (Rich Lehoucq)
21 24:04 Eigenresidual Tolerances for Spectral Partitioning (James Fairbanks)
22 19:31 Computing glacier geometry in nonlinear complementarity problem form (Ed Bueler)
23 21:44 Discretization-Accuracy Convergence for Full Algebraic Multigrid (Wayne Mitchell)
24 23:42 Scalable space-time balancing domain-decomposition solvers (Santiago Badia)
25 24:43 Multifidelity Monte Carlo estimation with multiple surrogate models (Benjamin Peherstorfer)
26 21:09 Physics-Based Preconditioning for a Newton-Krylov Framework... (Brian Weston)

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