ICTS at Ten (2018)

source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences      2018年1月21日
ORGANIZERS: Rajesh Gopakumar and Spenta R. Wadia
DATE: 04 January 2018 to 06 January 2018
VENUE: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bengaluru
This is the tenth year of ICTS-TIFR since it came into existence on 2nd August 2007. ICTS has now grown to have more than fifteen faculty in a number of areas in the theoretical sciences. Over 150 programs and discussion meetings have been held. The ICTS at Ten event is an opportunity to reflect on the journey thus far, and to go ahead with renewed energy into our second decade, through a small celebratory scientific gathering.
There will be broad perspective talks (of 30 minutes each) across several different themes in the theoretical sciences:

Astrophysics and Cosmology
String theory and Quantum Gravity
Theoretical Computer Science
Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics
Physical Biology
These reflect ICTS' present profile as well as the directions we would like to grow into in the coming years. The talks, by a galaxy of distinguished researchers, will give a broad perspective on some exciting frontier questions in these areas.

Welcome Address: ICTS at TEN Inauguration by Rajesh Gopakumar 12:32
Truth and the Scientific Method by David Gross 42:15
ICTS at TEN' Banquet speeches: Gopakumar, Wadia, Gross, Bhargava, Sarma, Blandford and Arkani-Hamed 1:44:55
The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge By Robbert Dijkgraaf - followed by a panel discussion 2:30:38
Exploring the Universe with Gravitational Waves: From the Big Bang to Black Holes by Kip S Thorne 1:40:31
The science of the man from the 9 dimensions by Hirosi Ooguri 54:19
Majorana 'Particle' in Condensed Matter Systems by Sankar Das Sarma 32:27
A Strongly Correlated Metal Built from Sachev-Ye-Kitaev by Leon Balents 30:39
Topology and the Electromagnetic Responses of Quantum Materials by Joel E. Moore 30:05
Quantum Field Theory as the Language of Physics by Nathan Seiberg 35:04
Developments in Superstring Perturbation Theory by Ashoke Sen 42:41
Living and Driven Matter by Sriram Ramaswamy 33:47
Microtubules, Motors and Morphogenesis by Jonathon Howard 36:59
How often does a polynomial take squarefree values? by Manjul Bhargava 31:37
Geometry of Surface Group Representations by Mahan Mj 28:42
Communication Amid Uncertainty by Madhu sudan 32:31
The Information Paradox and Holography by Suvrat Raju 29:05
The Mathematics of Bias by Nisheeth Vishnoi 33:23
Gravitational Wave Detections by LIGO and Virgo by David Reitze 27:26
Physics and Astronomy from Gravitational-Wave Observations by P Ajith 32:26
Raindrops, Buoyancy, the Indian Monsoon by Rama Govindarajan 28:04
Hydrodynamics and Chaos Propagation in Classical Spin Chains by Abhishek Dhar 28:50
Spacetime, Quantum Mechanics and Positive Geometry by Nima Arkani Hamed 36:19
The Algorithmic Lens: How the Computational Perspective by Christos H Papadimitriou 33:44
Understanding Rare Events in Graphs and Networks by Sourav Chatterjee 33:17
Can machines learn without supervision? by Sanjeev Arora 32:20
The Restless Universe (and the Periodic Table) by Shri Kulkarni 31:17
Observing a Black Hole Up Close and Personal by Ramesh Narayan 33:39
The Music of the Sphere by Roger Blandford 26:39
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Learning Neural Nets: A Statistical... by Jennifer Chayes 32:21
A Theory of Neural Dimensionality, Dynamics and Measurement by Surya Ganguli 30:44
The Computational Logic of Cortical Circuits by Mriganka Sur 39:56
Molecular Archaeology: Using Genomes to Reconstruct Two Billion Years by Mukund Thattai 29:29

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