2013 Nobel Prizes

source: Nobel Prize     2013年12月7日

2:57:22 Lectures: 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Lecture 1 Professor James E. Rothman
"The Principle of Membrane Fusion in the Cell" Yale University, New Haven, USA
Lecture 2 Professor Randy W. Schekman
"Genetic and biochemical dissection University of California at Berkeley, USA of the secretory pathway" Investigator of Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA
Lecture 3 Professor Thomas S. Südhof
"A Molecular Machine for Neurotransmitter Stanford University, USA
Release" Investigator of Howard Hughes Medical  Institute, USA
1:16:07 Lectures: 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics
1:40:36 Lectures: 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
1:43:56 Lectures: 2013 Prize in Economic Sciences
1:14:20 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony 2013
1:20:01 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony 2013

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