The Film Experience (Fall 2007) by David Thorburn at MIT

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source: MIT OpenCourseWare      2017年7月21日
MIT 21L.011 The Film Experience, Fall 2007
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Instructor: David Thorburn
This introduction to narrative film emphasizes the evolution of the film medium and the intrinsic artistic qualities of individual films. The selected lectures in this video collection cover early cinema & silent films, the 1970s, and neorealism.
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55:34 Introduction
1:06:04 Keaton
54:40 Chaplin
1:02:20 Chaplin, Part II (2007)
52:50 Film in the 1970s, Part I
56:38 Film in the 1970s, Part II
52:12 Italian Neorealism, Part I
51:05 Italian neorealism

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