Martin Elliott - The Heart of the Matter

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source: GreshamCollege      2014年11月3日
An investigation of the heart, its defects and its treatments; a journey that will lead us from the medical aspects to the complex mixture of politics, ethics, economics and science.
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43:48 The Heart: An Introduction
An introduction to how the treatment of congenital heart disease can be viewed as an example of the complex mixture of technology, ethics, economics and science: http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and...
A visual introduction to the anatomy of the heart will be presented, showing the type of defects that can affect the function of heart and a child’s quality of life, but which can be corrected by paediatric cardiac surgeons. It will demonstrate the basis of how we describe and categorise over 3000 defects that can occur and how these can affect the function of the heart and a child’s quality of life. Changing methods of diagnosis and treatment over the last half-century and important surgical advances will be demonstrated.
1:07:09 Heart Surgery for Congenital Heart Defects: Science or Art?
57:47 The Ethical Challenges of New Treatments in Children
1:03:35 The Bristol Scandal and its Consequences
58:06 Doing More For Less: Paediatric Cardiac Surgery
53:46 The Next Disruptive Medical Technologies: New Ways to Treat Old Diseases
50:48 Formula 1 and its Contributions to Healthcare
57:32 Aviation and its Contributions to Healthcare
1:00:11 To Blame or Not to Blame? The Medical Profession and Blame Culture
10 57:12 How To Choose your Doctor or Surgeon: What happened to patient choice?
11 56:18 The Artificial Heart: A New Ending?
12 55:49 The Size of a Walnut: Your Heart in their Hands
13 47:54 The Rhythm of Life: The Beat and Dance of the Heart
14  52:32 Seeing Through the Lies: Innovation and the Need for Transparency
15 58:25 Sudden Death in the Young: A Terrible Waste
16 43:16 Affairs of the Heart: An Exploration of the Symbolism of the Heart in Art
17 59:23 I Won't Have Blood! A Battle Between Belief and Duty?
18 1:03:25 Nice Work If You Can Get It: Life As A Children's Heart Surgeon

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