Fundamentals of Systems Engineering (Fall 2015) by Olivier de Weck at MIT

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source: MIT OpenCourseWare   2017年8月10日
MIT 16.842 Fundamentals of Systems Engineering, Fall 2015
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Instructor: Olivier de Weck
General introduction to systems engineering using both the classical V-model and the new Meta approach. Topics include stakeholder analysis, requirements definition, system architecture and concept generation, trade-space exploration and concept selection, design definition and optimization, system integration and interface management, system safety, verification and validation, and commissioning and operations. Discusses the trade-offs between performance, lifecycle cost and system operability. Readings based on systems engineering standards and papers. Students apply the concepts of systems engineering to a cyber-electro-mechanical system, which is subsequently entered into a design competition.
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1:22 Meet the Educator
2:25 Course Design and Orienting Students with the "V Model"
3:46 Teaching the Class as a Small Private Online Course (SPOC)
3:17 Engaging Students in the Design Process through the CanSat Competition
2:17 Learning from CanSat Examples
1:44 Ideal Team Size for the CanSat Competition
1:29 Team Charters
2:38 Assessing Student Work Completed as Teams
3:05 Teaching with Concept Questions
10 4:46 Online Written and Oral Exams
11 1:10 Reflective Memos
12 1:39:52 2. Requirements Definition
13 1:41:38 3. Systems Modeling Languages
14 46:01 4. System Architecture and Concept Generation
15 1:43:39 5. Concept Selection and Tradespace Exploration
16 1:30:42 6. Design Definition and Multidisciplinary Optimization
17 1:35:45 7. Miscellaneous Topics — MBSE and Introduction to CAD (Guest Lecture from Solidworks)
18 1:30:10 8. Systems Integration and Interface Management
19 1:37:49 9. Verification and Validation
20 1:08:38 10. Commissioning and Operations
21 1:46:32 11. Lifecycle Management

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