Understanding Society

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source: CRASSH Cambridge    2012年11月16日
CRASSH 'Understanding Society' lectures supported by the Thriplow Charitable Trust

Marilyn Strathern: Taking care of a concept: anthropological reflections on the assisted society 52:22
This final lecture in the series takes on the issue of what seems one of the least appealing aspects of 'society', as the term is used in common parlance, namely its vacuousness, and suggests what an anthropologist might find interesting in that. Does the Big Society render the concept even more (as in bigger) vacuous? And if it does, what might be some of the consequences? The lecture questions both what might be taken for granted in an appeal to society and what it then means to promote it. If indeed there is no such thing, do these questions become more interesting, or less so? It is a conundrum that is best approached from a wider stage than ministerial pronouncements.
Lord Giddens: Understanding Society - A Sociologist's Perspective 44:34
Bruno Latour: The Modes of Existence project 44:37
Juliet Mitchell: 'in my heart there was a kind of fighting' (Hamlet) 39:03
Richard Sennett: The Open City 53:53

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