Mathematics Seminars (2012)

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source: matsciencechannel    2012年3月21日

Xavier Gérard Viennot: Combinatorial operators and quadratic algebras 1:11:03 Mathematics colloquium lecture at IMSc on 1 March 2012.
The slides for this talk are available at http://web.mac.com/xgviennot/Xavier_V... Amritanshu Prasad: Schur algebras and polynomial represenations of GL(m) 1:09:41 Representation theory seminar talk (14 March 2012)
S. Viswanath: Unique Factorization of Tensor Products 1:12:54 Representation theory seminar at IMSc on21 March 2012. Suppose V is a representation of a complex simple Lie algebra that can be written as a tensor product of irreducible representations. A theorem of Rajan states that the irreducible factors that occur are uniquely determined, up to reordering, by the isomorphism class of V. I will present an elementary proof of Rajan's theorem, which generalizes with no extra effort to the infinite dimensional (Kac-Moody) Lie algebras. This is joint work with R. Venkatesh.
Amritanshu Prasad: Irreducible polynomial representations of GL(m) 1:02:28 Representation theory seminar talk from 4th April 2012.

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