Enriching Mathematics Education workshop for teachers in schools 2013

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source: matsciencechannel      2013年10月28日

01 Registration & Inauguration, Partial Fractions by K. N. Raghavan 1:06:23
Abstract: Partial fractions are typically introduced in Class XII as a method of integration. The integration of rational functions in one variable reduces, by the division algorithm, to that of proper fractions, which are then handled by expressing them as partial fractions. We will take a critical look at this material, examining the underlying assumptions made explicitly or otherwise, learning just a little bit of the theory behind the method, trying methods of solution other than those normally suggested, and exploring what happens when we relax the assumptions.
02 Remarks by R. Balasubramanian, Director, & Lecture - Developing student thinking in calculus 1:15:51
03 Coordinate geometry by Parameswaran Sankaran 49:06
04 Conic sections and the general equation of the second degree by S. Kesavan 1:02:14
05 Jonaki Ghosh and R. Ramanujam: Interactive session 1:06:05
06 Permutations and combinations by Vijay Kodiyalam 1:00:19
07 Curve sketching using calculus by G. P. Youvaraj 1:03:27
08 A discussion on problem solving by R. Ramanujam 1:00:36
09 Geometric Progressions to Partitions by D. Surya Ramana 1:04:51

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