Effective methods in Diophantine Analysis by Yuri Bilu

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source: matsciencechannel    2014年2月3日
In this course I give an introduction to Diophantine analysis, with a
particular emphasize of the effectiveness aspect. I introduce the classical
non-effective work of Thue-Siegel-Roth, and the effective methods of Baker
and Runge.

Lecture 02 Borel's theorem 1:24:03 "Dirichlet cannot be refined for a.a. numbers". Liouville Theorem. Statements of the theorems of Thue, Siegel and Roth. Applications to Diophine equations.
Lecture 03 Proof of Thue's theorem 1:16:33
Lecture 04 Proof of Thue's theorem (Contd...) 56:38
Lecture 05 58:14
Lecture 06 48:12
Lecture 07 59:16
Lecture 08 57:51
Lecture 09 56:31
Lecture 10 1:00:18

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