Philosophy of Mind by Richard Brown at LaGuardia Community College

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source: Richard Brown     2014年3月8日
Videos for my online/hybrid Philosophy of Mind course at LaGuardia Community College
::UPDATE:: I have now edited the Closed Captions so the transcript is now accurate

Introduction to the Philosophical Study of the Mind 40:58 (I apologize for the poor audio quality. I hope to fix it in future videos, and maybe someday will try to fix it on this one)
Intentionality and Thought 1:10:22
Sensation and Perception 1:24:16
Consciousness 53:03
Understanding the Mind? Intentionality, Perception, and Consciousness 1:21:49
The Mind-Body Problem 1:16:50
Epiphenomenalism and the Causal Closure of the Physical 54:33
The Mind-Brain Identity Theory 1:04:50
Functionalism 1:05:00
Contemporary Dualism 1:29:17
Artificial Intelligence and the Computational Theory of Mind 39:48
Consciousness and the Technological Singularity 1:06:03

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