Particle Physics (Spring 2016) by Alex Flournoy at the Colorado School of Mines

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source: Alex Flournoy    2016年1月14日
Most of these lectures are from a particle physics course taught to advanced undergraduate and graduate students at the Colorado School of Mines. You can also access the course website at http://inside.mines.edu/~aflourno/Particle/423.shtml which includes pdf copies of the lecture notes and additional material.

Topic 28: QCD with a Side of Weak Sauce 1:18:50
Topic 27: QCD 1:14:44
Topic 26: QED Practice 1:00:25
Topic 25: Spin Sorcery 1:17:32
Topic 25: QED 59:45
Topic 23: Mr. Feynman and the A,B,C's 1:17:46
Topic 22: Decays, Scattering and the Golden Rule 1:19:38
Topic 21: Guest Lecture on Gravitation as Gauge Theory and Fiber Bundles 1:18:40
Topic 20: CP, CPT and T 59:55
Topic 19: P,C and CP 1:14:28
Topic 18: Some Clarifications, Questions, Answers and a bit on C,P and T 1:20:21
Topic 17: The higgs Mechanism and Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking 1:20:30
Topic 16: The Higgs Mechanism 1:22:39
Topic 15: Electroweak Gauge Theory 1:18:37
Topic 14: QCD as an SU(3) Gauge Theory 1:00:18
Topic 13: Interactions via Local Gauge Invariance (The Abelian Case) 1:13:26
Topic 12: Solutions to Dirac Equation, Helicity and Weyl Spinors 1:17:43
Topic 11: Equations of Motion and Interpretations 1:01:41
Topic 10: Actions, Lagrangians and Equations of Motion 1:19:22
Topic 9: Spinors III and Actions 1:17:04
Topic 8: Spinors II 58:48
Topic 7: Spinors I 1:14:44
Topic 6: Lie Groups and Lie Algebras 59:03
Topic 5: Derivatives, Velocities, Energy and Momentum in Special Relativit 1:19:21
Topic 4: A Catalog of Groups and Special Relativity 1:03:37
Topic 3: Duals, Metrics and Continuous Groups 1:14:56
Topic 2: Groups and Representations 1:18:05
Topic 1: Introduction to the course 1:22:27

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