HarvardEducation (videos of May 2019)

source: HarvardEducation
1:15 Drumming Up Commencement Enthusiasm | Davis Wimberly, Ed.M.'10
26:04 Lead With Grace: Dean James Ryan's 2017 Commencement Address The prepared remarks of Dean James Ryan for the 2017 HGSE Presentation of Diplomas and Certificates.
Transcription Available Here: http://www.gse.harvard.edu/news/17/05/lead-grace
2:09 HGSE Commencement 2017!
9:48 HGSE Convocation Faculty Speaker: Gretchen Brion-Meisels Gretchen Brion-Meisels speaking at the 2017 HGSE Convocation.
16:22 HGSE Convocation Speaker: Reshma Saujani Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code speaking at the 2017 HGSE Convocation.
9:00 HGSE Convocation Student Speaker: Megan Red Shirt-Shaw Megan Red Shirt-Shaw, Ed.M. candidate, speaking at the 2017 HGSE Convocation.
1:17:01 HGSE Convocation 2017
1:29:24 Equity and Collective Impact in Systems Change: By All Means Keynote Dr. Michael McAfee, President of PolicyLink, has led the effort to make President Obama’s Promise Neighborhoods initiative a reality in communities across the U.S. Dr. McAfee’s keynote speech for t...
1:25:25 Askwith Forums: Education in a Diverse and Globalizing World Panelists:
• Roger Brooks, president and CEO, Facing History and Ourselves
• Maureen Costello, director, Teaching Tolerance, Southern Poverty Law Center
• Stephanie Jones, Marie and Max Kargman As...
1:31:10 Askwith Debates – School Vouchers: Friend or Foe? Panelists:
Cynthia G. Brown, senior fellow, Center for A

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