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40:13 Keynote: All Things Great and Small - E. Betzig - 5/20/2017 Keynote full title, "All Things Great and Small: The Role of Telescopes and Microscopes in Understanding Our Universe and Ourselves"
17:34 2017 Distinguished Alumnus - Alexei V. Filippenko - 5/20/2017 Alexei V. Filippenko,(PhD ’84, Astronomy)
Professor of Astronomy, UC Berkeley
13:06 2017 Distinguished Alumna - Regina E. Dugan - 5/20/2017 Regina E. Dugan, (PhD ’93, Mechanical Engineering)
Vice President of Engineering, Building 8, Facebook
4:07 Seminar Day Welcome - C. Bryant - 5/20/2017 Chris Bryant (BS ’95)
Vice President, Caltech Alumni Association
45:14 "Containment" Film Screening Intro and Q&A with Robb Moss and Peter Galison - 5/18/17
58:23 New Approaches to Learning, Online and On Campus - C. Horii and M. Brown - 5/20/2017 "The Science of the Solar System: New Approaches to Learning Online and On Campus," by Mike Brown, Richard and Barbara Rosenberg Professor of Planetary Astronomy
This spring, Mike Brown is teachi...
28:29 Episode 18: Waves - The Mechanical Universe Episode 18. Waves: With an analysis of simple harmonic motion and a stroke of genius, Newton extended mechanics to the propagation of sound.
“The Mechanical Universe,” is a critically-acclaimed se...
3:24 Rath Al Fresco Pavilion & Gardens Grand Opening Celebration - 5/9/2017 Read more about the new Rath Al Fresco Pavilion in Caltech Magazine - https://magazine.caltech.edu/post/al-fresco
Produced in association with Caltech Academic Media Technologies. ©2017 California... 4:25
Caltech Magazine Student Study: Sophia Chen (BS '17)
 4:25 Caltech Magazine Student Study: Sophia Chen (BS '17) Caltech senior and co-captain of Caltech's tennis team, Sophia Chen takes us through a day of her life on campus.
3:41 Caltech Magazine: In Conversation with Dianne Newman and Victoria Orphan Caltech's 2017 MacArthur fellows talk about winning the award and what it means in their field.
47:00 What Columbus Discovered - N. Wey-Gomez - 5/11/17 "What Columbus Discovered" - Nicolas Wey-Gomez, Professor of History at Caltech
Learn more about:
- 2016 - 17 Watson Lecture Series Season: http://www.caltech.edu/master-calendar/public-events-ser...
45:47 Don't Twinkle, Little Star - R. Jensen-Clem - 5/9/2017 Everhart Lecture Series
Rebecca Jensen-Clem, Graduate Student, Department of Astronomy, Caltech
The Everhart Lecture Series is a forum en
0:23 Photoacoustic Tomography - Lihong Wang Lab Bren Professor of Medical Engineering and Electrical Engineering Lihong Wang's advances in photoacoustic tomography allow optical imaging of biological tissue via non carcinogenic electromagnetic w...
7:44 Caltech SURF Program The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships program or SURF, is often referred to as one of the "crown jewels" of Caltech. In this video, faculty, students, and alumni share their thoughts on wha...
2:55 New Faculty Profile: Aaron Ames Roboticist and Bren Professor of Mechanical and Civil Engineering Aaron Ames leads the field in building bipedal robots. Ames is fascinated by the evident simplicity of walking, but driven to under...
0:37 Caltech Associates: Behind the Scenes This time lapse video showcases a behind-the-scenes look at the artistic chalk rendering created by three Caltech undergraduates Amanda Lin (Class of 2018, Mechanical Engineering), Sandra Ning (Cla...
54:05 How does an "inverted flag" flap? - Andres J. Goza - 4/26/17 Everhart Lecture Series
Andres J. Goza, Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering, Caltech
Welcome to the beautiful problem of flapping of an inverted flag! In this talk, we will discuss what an inve...
3:40 Caltech Alumnus Manan Arya: Origami … in Space! Caltech alumnus Manan Arya (PhD ’16) has been fascinated with outer space since he was a kid. His early ambition to become an astronaut morphed into a vision of designing objects that travel into s...

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