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source: The New School     2017年5月8日
Presented by the Institute of Culinary Education (https://ice.edu/) and the Food Studies Program (http://newschool.edu/public-engagement/ba-bs-food-studies/) in The Schools of Public Engagement (http://newschool.edu/public-engagement/) in collaboration with the Tishman Environment and Design Center (https://newschool.edu/tishman-environment-design-center/).
Creating more sustainable food networks is one of the crucial challenges of the 21st century.
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Zero Waste Food will bridge the gap between research and practice, and draw upon the perspectives of academia, activism, food business, chefs and food producers, in order to synthesize our shared goals and strategies. Throughout the conference, luminaries in the food industry will share their ideas for change and their visions of the future. Whether you’re a student, employed in the food industry or simply passionate about food, the conference will equip you with valuable lessons and skills to apply to your daily lives and business practices.
We want to do more than talk about food waste. We want to give you the tools to help solve the problem.
In an ever-evolving industry, the Zero Waste Food conference will present a fresh perspective on food waste and sustainability, and create a community of like-minded scholars, culinary professionals, and food lovers. What’s more, we’ll give you the tools to incorporate our shared vision into your daily practices.

Keynote with Massimo Bottura 1:00:31
Reimagining Sustainable Restaurant Kitchens 1:22:27
Reimagining Sustainable Connections Within Food Chains 1:02:48
Repurposing Food Waste 1:23:42
Repurposing Spaces and Materials 1:32:23

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