Reimagining the Foundations of Algebraic Topology (@MSRI)

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source: LeonhardEuler1    2014年7月11日
Videos from the MSRI workshop "Reimagining the Foundations of Algebraic Topology" that took place at MSRI, Berkeley in April 2014. The workshop page (with videos and some supplemental material) can be found here: http://www.msri.org/workshops/689

Algebraic Geometry of Topological Field Theories (David Ben-Zvi @ MSRI) 1:03:38 About this talk: http://www.msri.org/workshops/689/sch...
Poincaré/Koszul Duality (David Ayala @ MSRI) 59:14
Poincaré/Koszul Duality and Formal Moduli (John Francis @ MSRI) 56:47
The Formal Theory of Adjunctions, Monads, Algebras, and Descent (Emily Riehl @ MSRI) 1:01:34
What is an Elementary Higher Topos? (Andre Joyal @ MSRI) 1:08:45
Co-Segal Algebras and Deligne's Conjecture (Hugo Bacard @ MSRI) 52:23
Aspects of Differential Cohomology (Thomas Nikolaus @ MSRI) 1:06:35
Modeling Stable 2-Types (Angelica Osorno @ MSRI) 59:03
Redshift and Higher Categories (Clark Barwick @ MSRI) 1:00:46
The Unicity of the Homotopy Theory of Higher Categories (Christopher Schommer-Pries @ MSRI) 1:04:44
Derived Equivariant Algebraic Geometry (Michael Hill @ MSRI) 1:00:14
Duality, Algebro-Homotopically (Vesna Stojanoska @ MSRI) 1:01:51
Calculations in Multiplicative Stable Homotopy Theory at Height 2 (Charles Rezk @ MSRI) 1:04:12
En Genera (Michael Mandell @ MSRI) 1:04:06
Motives Versus Noncommutative Motives (Goncalo Tabuada @ MSRI) 59:04
Thom Spectra and Twisted Umkehr Maps (David Gepner @ MSRI) 1:01:30
A K(Z,4) in Nature (Andre Henriques @ MSRI) 59:46

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