Lie Groups and Lie Algebras (Gang Xu @ PSI 2013)

source: LeonhardEuler1     2014年10月14日
4 lectures on Lie groups and Lie algebras (with a particular focus on physics) given by Gang Xu, a PSI Fellow, at the 2014-2015 PSI. The first lecture provides an introduction to the subject, going through the motivation and basic examples/properties.
If you're having trouble seeing the board at any point in the lectures, you can check out this pdf with snapshots of the board -- one shot for each change that occurs:
These are NOT my videos! All rights, credit, etc. go to the Perimeter Institute, which can be found at the website linked to below. All the videos come from, and can be downloaded from in various formats and from previous years, the Perimeter Institute (where these lectures took place) website:

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