Genomics in Medicine Lecture Series (2014-2015)

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source: National Human Genome Research Institute   2014年6月24日
Genomics in Medicine Lecture Series. The series is sponsored by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), in collaboration with Suburban Hospital and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Each lecture takes place at Suburban Hospital's lower level auditorium at 8600 Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda, Md. All are welcome to the hour-long lectures, which begin at 8 a.m. on the first Friday of the month. Advanced registration is not required; however, those requesting continuing medical education (CME) credits are asked to sign in. More: http://www.genome.gov/27555276

Recent Advances in the Epidemiology and Genetics of Bipolar Disorder - Kathleen Merikangas June 20, 2014 More: http://www.genome.gov/27556434 1:09:52
Uses and Misuses of Clinical Genetic Testing in Psychiatry - Francis McMahon 1:00:14
Genetic Testing for Neurological Diseases - Kurt Fischbeck 1:05:39
Genome and Transcriptome Dynamics in Cancer Cells - Thomas Ried 55:36
When the Lifeguard for the Gene Pool Goes on Strike - Kenneth Kraemer 1:00:16
Genetics and Genomics of Thyroid Neoplasms: Moving Closer towards Personalized Patient Care 59:41
Practicing Precision Medicine in Cancer Using Genomics - Louis Staudt 1:03:38
Targeting the Genetic Basis of Kidney Cancer: A Metabolic Disease - W. Marston Linehan 1:10:39
Integration of Genomics into Nursing Practice - Kathleen Calzone 1:00:18
Cancer Genomics and Precision Medicine in the 21st Century - Lee Helman 52:12
The New Telomere Diseases: Organ Failure and Cancer - Neal Young 1:01:22
Use of Pharmacogenetics in Clinical Medicine - Tristan Sissung 56:40
Ophthalmic Genetics and Clinical Treatment Opportunities - Paul Sieving 57:44
Neuromuscular Disease in the Genomic Era - Kenneth Fischbeck 1:02:52
The Genetics of Parkinson's Disease - Ellen Sidransky 1:02:32
The Genomics of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Maximillian Muenke 1:06:31
Adventures in the Genomics of Inflammation - Daniel Kastner 1:08:57
The heart of the matter: genomics and cardiovascular disease - Leslie Biesecker 1:10:37
Genomics in Maternal Child Health - Barbara Biesecker 1:01:20
Rational therapeutics for genetic conditions - Hal Dietz 1:04:27
What's bugging you? The Intersection of Genomics and Infectious Disease - Jonathan Zenilman 1:05:22
Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment - Stanley Lipkowitz 59:22
Breast Cancer Genes, Risk Assessment and Screening - Lawrence Brody 53:02
The Human Genome and Individualized Medicine - David Valle 1:11:55

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