Mathematical Perspectives on Clouds, Climate, and Tropical Meteorology (2013)

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source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences   2013年5月2日
ICTS Discussion Meeting
Opening 31:44
Stratocumulus, Towering Cumulus during Undisturbed Weather - T N Krishnamurti 45:02
Perspective Of Progress in Monsoon Meteorology and Prospects in the next two Decades- D.R. Sikka 45:41
Stochastic and Deterministic Models for Tropical Convection - Boualem Khouider 59:31
Convective momentum transport and multiscale models - Samuel Stechmann 46:12
A review of recent laboratory and numerical simulations of cumulus cloud flows - R. Narasimha 53:47
Thermodynamic Constraints on the ITCZ - J Srinivasan 47:26
Seasonal Prediction of Indian Monsoon: Role of Ocean-Atmosphere Coupling - Ravi Nanjundiah 36:50
Vertical distribution of Clouds over the Indian Monsoon Region - M. Rajeevan 40:57
Medium-range Forecast Error: Air-sea Coupling, Clouds- Arindam Chakraborty 41:30
Climate Science, Waves, and PDE's for the Tropics ( 1 ) - Andrew J. Majda 2:03:51
Understanding the Indian monsoon and its variability - Sulochana Gadgil 56:09
Moisture gradients and low-frequency variability in the tropics - Jai Sukhtame 34:15
Interactions between planetaryscale flow - Olivier Pauluis 55:33
Tropical Convection in Global Context: The YOTC Project - Mitchell Moncrieff 56:01
Clouds: Some observed features - G S Bhat 48:35
Applied Math Perspectives on Stochastic Climate Models ( 2 ) - Andrew J. Majda 1:29:23
Turbulence-microphysics interactions in boundary layer clouds - Wojciech Grabowski 59:50
Nonlinearity and stability in Lagrangian data assimilation - Amit Apte 49:01
Sequential and Variational Assimilation for Predicting Loop Current - Ibrahim Hoteit 47:40
The peculiar behavior of stationary and accelerating vortices - Robert Breidenthal 51:18
Data Driven Methods for Complex Turbulent Systems ( 3 ) - Andrew J. Majda 1:31:17
Link between convection and meridional gradient of sea in the Bay of Bengal - D Shankar 53:50
Test models for filtering and prediction of moisture-coupled tropical waves - John Harlim 49:02
Balance and tropical data assimilation - Nedjeljka Zagar 51:14
Moist Rayleigh-Benard convection in a conditionally unstable environment - Jörg Schumacher 53:26
A linear sea breeze model relevant for the tropical regions - A S Vasudeva Murthy 25:31
Applied Math Perspectives on Stochastic Climate Models ( 2 ) - Andrew J. Majda 1:29:23

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