Esperanto: What, Why, How

source: GoogleTechTalks    2017年1月18日
A Google TechTalk, 12/6/16, presented by Alexey Nezhdanov
ABSTRACT: Esperanto is a constructed language that is 100+ years old. I shared my own experience learning this language.
Some comments for the video:
0:17 An agitation that the talk has finally started affected my English which is bad enough even without that :( Sorry.
1:45 Complete miss. I meant the country - and a different one - and I would still have been wrong. Zamenhof was born in Białystok which at the time belonged to the Russian Empire (now Poland).
14:18 "Poste" is a proverb, not a pronoun.
19:45 Zurich German kicks in (I'm in the second week of the language course). The correct possessive pronoun would be "mia", not "mis"
21:49 "They" is just a single person that I asked. A Spanish-speaking person said (today) that it looks like Czech language to him.
26:35 The question being asked is "what actual scientific principles were used in creation of Esperanto?"
37:45 The question being asked is "what is an estimate of a chance of meeting another esperantist?"
38:18 The "99.X%" figure that I use is actually my interpretation of the phrase "almost all" plus some other facts
40:30 I misunderstood the question. The question was "is it mostly no problem to split a stream of sounds into individual words" and my answer was to the question "is it easy enough to segment written words into sub-parts". The answer to original question would be "I would expect so, but I don't know".

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