Big Think (all videos from 01/03 to 01/31/2017)

source: Big Think
5:29 Einstein’s Persistence, Not Genius, Is the Reason We Know His Name | David Bodanis
4:23 Tim Ferriss: Asking Dumb Questions Is a Smart Move
3:40 Antidepressants: Why the ‘Overmedicated America’ Narrative Is Harmful | Dr. Drew Ramsey
3:40 Will A.I. Allow Humans to Realize Our Full Potential? | Toni Lane Casserly
2:52 Trump vs. Zuckerberg: Who Has Contributed More to Fake News? | Bernard-Henri Lévy
4:53 ‘Hey Bill Nye, Could Scientists Today Create Frankenstein’s Monster?’ #TuesdaysWithBill
2:22 China's Economy Is Running on Borrowed Money – and Time | Ruchir Sharma
3:28 The Trump-Russia Dossier: What Was BuzzFeed Thinking? | Matt Taibbi
6:05 Traditional News Was Devilish – But It Was a Devil We Knew | Oliver Luckett
6:05 How Social Media Killed Traditional News | Oliver Luckett
13:05 The Anatomy of Teamwork: Master the Art of Collaboration | Diane Paulus
6:06 Democracy Should Be Divided – but Not This Divided, Says Bernard-Henri Lévy
8:25 Why Empathy Is Not the Best Way to Care | Paul Bloom
4:53 'Hey Bill Nye, What's the Best Way to Handle Overpopulation?' #TuesdaysWithBill
5:52 Diet Science: Techniques to Boost Your Willpower and Self-Control | Sylvia Tara
3:18 Negotiation Technique: Understand Our Perceptions of Gains and Losses | FBI Negotiator Chris Voss
7:28 Tim Ferriss: Ask Absurd Questions and Stop Fetishizing Failure
6:48 Digital Culture: Learn the Language before You Dismiss It | Virginia Heffernan
3:10 Why Are We Obsessed with Celebrities? | Tim Wu
8:27 Could Autism Be Caused by Gut Microbes? | Dr. Emeran Mayer
3:59 'Hey Bill Nye, Is Cold Fusion Possible?' #TuesdaysWithBill
5:41 Sexual Attraction Is Shaped by Gut Bacteria, Infectious Diseases, and Parasites | Kathleen McAuliffe 

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