Samantha Ettus: "The Pie Life" | Talks at Google

source: Talks at Google     2016年12月12日
Professionals are caught in a tug of war between their work and personal lives and have been saddled with impossible frameworks for how to successfully manage both. Until now. Using her proven and groundbreaking framework, Harvard MBA, radio host and bestselling author Samantha Ettus has worked with thousands of professionals and companies to discover how to effectively and enjoyably manage the life you have – in slices. As Samantha explains, “When things go wrong in our personal lives, we tend to unfairly blame work.” With tools and techniques to manage the daily rhythm of our lives, everything becomes more manageable, less stressful and even enjoyable. Samantha will give you the inspiration and tools for you and your employees to thrive professionally and personally at the same time.
Get the book here: https://goo.gl/EF6Nb4