Protecting People from the Ocean, and the Ocean from People || Radcliffe...

source: Harvard University    2016年12月9日
Protecting People from the Ocean and the Ocean from People:
Search and Rescue and Marine Environmental Protection/Response
The Coast Guard, the fifth branch of the US Armed Forces, is a multi-mission maritime agency. This talk reviews how the Coast Guard in Boston and throughout the nation seeks to strike the balance between maritime safety, security, and environmental protection amidst changing climate conditions, all while facilitating the powerful economic engine of maritime commerce.
(3:08, 30:26) Claudia C. Gelzer, Captain, US Coast Guard
(9:37) Lee Titus, Commander, US Coast Guard
Introduction by John Huth, faculty codirector of the science program at the Radcliffe Institute and Donner Professor of Science in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University
Q&A (47:44)
Part of the 2016–2017 Oceans Lecture Series https://www.radcliffe.harvard.edu/eve...