Informatics Seminar Series 2015-16

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source: UCIBrenICS    2016年6月6日

"Assessing software quality from first principles" - Reid Holmes, University of British Columbia 1:01:35
Online Case Resolution Systems - J.J. Prescott 1:02:03
Visualizing a World in Motion: Designing for Real-Time Data - FernandaViégas and Martin Wattenberg 1:00:03
Social Media and Political Brand Building: The Case of Narendra Modi - Joyojeet Pal 1:05:35
Lies, Damned Lies and Software Analytics - Margaret-Anne Storey - ISR Distinguished Seminar 1:04:19
The New ABCs of Research: Achieving Breakthrough Collaborations - Ben Shneiderman 1:02:01
"Enlightened Interaction" with Brenda Laurel - Informatics Trends Seminar Series 57:57
"Advancing Collective Innovation" with Steven P. Dow, UC San Diego 57:37
"Unlocking Data, Unlocking Interaction" - James Fogarty, DUB Group, University of Washington 57:31
"Socio-Technical Coordination" - James Herbsleb, Carnegie Mellon University 1:08:02
Promoting Online Safety for Adolescents - Trends Seminar featuring Mary Beth Rosson 1:05:34
Pushing Communities: From Community Network to Innovation Infrastructure-John Carroll-Trends Seminar 1:03:05
"Computer Synthesis of Musical Creativity" David Cope, UC Santa Cruz 57:01
ISR Distinguished Speaker Series - "Millions and Billions of SLOC" - Premkumar Devanbu 59:28
The Wikipedia Language Gap: Understanding and Designing for Global Communities - Darren Gergle 57:17
Trends Series Hiroshi Ishii, MIT “TRANSFORM: Beyond Tangible Bits, Towards Radical Atoms” 47:53
"Opening the Black Box" - Dr. Rebecca Randell 1:01:44
Towards Personalized Privacy Assistants - Norman Sadeh 1:14:08
Equity by Design - Nicole Pinkard 1:03:20
Accelerating Design Theory with Large-Online Experiments - Derek Lomas 1:00:30
Games, Learning & Society: The Intellectual Life of Digital Play - Constance Steinkuelher 58:07
Transforming Public Participation in Science with Digital Games - Kurt Squire 53:32
Frontiers in Crisis Informatics - Leysia Palen 1:05:20
The Politics of Interactivity in Cold War America - Fred Turner 1:07:54
Postcolonial Technologies, Developmental Leapfrogging, Jugaad Economics - Kavita Philip 1:05:36
State of the Department - Informatics Seminar Series - Andre van der Hoek 55:21
Improving Regression Testing in Continuous Integration Development Environments - Gregg Rothermel 59:31