How Facebook’s Algorithm Makes Zuckerberg the Most Powerful Human in His...

source: Big Think    2016年12月14日
Facebook can flip your entire social identity on and off at the switch; that is way too much power for any institution to have over us, says Oliver Luckett, and we handed it to them. Luckett's book is "The Social Organism: A Radical Understanding of Social Media to Transform Your Business and Life" (https://goo.gl/50TOqE).
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Transcript - There's been so much conversation recently about societal bubbles, echo chambers, media bubbles, personal algorithm bubbles. My newsfeed told me that everyone thought the same way I did. And there's a conflict there. One of the biggest reasons that those emerged was that companies like Facebook at the end of the day you're the product they're selling. They're actually selling you as a sale on that network; they're selling you to advertisers and so they need to put a nice polite bow around or you and they need to find look-alike audiences that think like you and look like you.
And the easiest way to do that is algorithmically to focus on, and at the same time there was never the dislike button, there was the like button. And so if you have a positive based signaling system like that that is designed to create a polite community of like minded people so that I could be targeted easier by an advertiser because my information is what's being sold, then the result of that is going to be a nice polite bubble echo chamber and we're seeing that right now. And people are astonished that I didn't see the other half of this community, literally half of them that thought differently than me. I don't see the ideas of that. At no point in modern history or in any human history has one person had as much control over what we think, what we see, what we do than Mark Zuckerberg. Read Full Transcript Here:https://goo.gl/dWDouH.