Emmanuel Levinas: The Right To Be (English Subtitles)

source: Eidos84    2011年6月22日
"The Right to Be", section two of "Penser Aujourd'hui: Emmanuel Levinas" (1991).
Levinas discusses the idea that the "perseverance of Being" is the source of all evil and suffering. For Levinas, such perseverance is not to be understood in terms of the individual's right to be, but rather in relation to a perceived right to violence and excess. Levinas also discusses the Biblical Genesis story. In this account, evil, as the immoderate or excessive aspiration of man towards Being, is absent. Evil is subsequent to the Creation, which was "good"; evil is therefore of a secondary nature to the good and, Levinas claims, is solely manifested in relation to man.
Thanks again to Salmon Philippe [youtube user "salmonfishandships"] for assistance with the translation.

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