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source: UC Davis Academics    2014年10月25日
This course ECS 277 is concerned with methods for the approximation and interpolation of scientific data. The presented methods are of relevance especially for visualization-based data exploration and analysis.

Lecture 1 This is an overview of topics covered by ECS 277. 1:22:56
Review of Essential Scalar Field Visualization Methods 1:25:28
Ray Casting Based on Higher-degree Polynomial Data Approximation 1:22:41
Ray Casting Based on Piecewise Trilinear and Tricubic Approximation 1:29:55
Review of Essential Vector/Flow Field Visualization Methods 1:30:09
Topological Flow Field Analysis/Visualization and Linear Vector Field Theory 1:24:39
Introduction to Scattered Data Approximation 1:20:57
Shepard's and Hardy's Multiquadric (and Reciprocal Multiquadric) Methods for the Trivariate Case 1:23:37
Motivation for Triangulation-based Scattered Data Approximation 1:28:51
Curved Elements - Part 1 57:44
Curved Elements - Part 2 23:28
Data Approximation over Triangle Meshes 1:23:16
Cubic Clough-Tocher Split Scheme for Volumetric/Trivariate Case 1:25:21
Data Structure Requirements for Voronoi Diagrams 1:27:24
Doo-Sabin Subdivision Scheme 1:25:06
Sibson Interpolation for 3D/Volumetric Domains 1:27:11
Best Linear Spline Approximation in the Univariate Case 1:14:10

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