The Gifford Lectures on theological and philosophical thought (University of Edinburgh: 2009-2016)

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source:The University of Edinburgh    2016年5月13日
For over a century, the Gifford Lectures have enabled a distinguished international field of scholars to contribute to the advancement of theological and philosophical thought.

Prof. Kathryn Tanner - Which World? 58:35
Prof. Kathryn Tanner - Another World? 1:12:39
Prof. Kathryn Tanner - Nothing but the Present 1:09:24
Prof. Kathryn Tanner - Total Commitment 1:13:56
Prof. Kathryn Tanner – Chained to the Past 1:09:56
Prof. Kathryn Tanner – Christianity and the New Spirit of Capitalism 1:17:38
Prof. Sheila Jasanoff - Cosmopolitan Visions: Science and Reason in a World of Difference 1:18:46
Prof. Helga Nowotny - Beyond Innovation. Temporalities. Re-use. Emergence. 1:11:29
Prof. Jeremy Waldron - Hard and Heart-breaking Cases: The Profoundly Disabled As Our Human Equals 1:10:49
Prof. Jeremy Waldron - Human Dignity and Our Relation to God 1:14:27
Prof. Jeremy Waldron - A Load-bearing Idea: The Work of Human Equality 1:19:27
Prof. Jeremy Waldron - Looking for a Range Property: Hobbes, Kant, and Rawls 1:19:42
Prof. Jeremy Waldron - Everyone To Count For One 1:22:12
Prof. Jeremy Waldron - More Than Merely Equal Consideration 1:15:13
Justice Catherine O'Regan - Adjudicating Faith in Modern Constitutional Democracies 1:01:06
Lord Williams of Oystermouth - Can Truth be Spoken? 1:24:45
Lord Williams of Oystermouth - Extreme Language: Discovery Under Pressure 1:27:48
Lord Williams of Oystermouth - Material Words: Language as Physicality 1:24:47
Lord Williams of Oystermouth - No Last Words: Language as Unfinished Business 1:29:31
Lord Williams of Oystermouth - Can We Say What We Like? Language, Freedom and Determinism 1:26:12
Lord Williams of Oystermouth - Representing Reality 1:25:51
Baroness Onora O'Neill - From Toleration to Freedom of Expression 1:11:32
Prof. Steven Pinker - The Better Angels of Our Nature: A History of Violence and Humanity 1:16:03
Prof. Bruno Latour - Inside the 'Planetary Boundaries': Gaia's Estate 1:15:57
Prof. Bruno Latour - War of the Worlds: Humans against Earthbound 1:28:55
Prof. Bruno Latour - The Anthropocene and the Destruction of the Image of the Globe 1:13:42
Prof. Bruno Latour - The Puzzling Face of a Secular Gaia 1:19:27
Prof. Bruno Latour - A Shift in Agency - with apologies to David Hume 1:20:33
Prof. Bruno Latour - 'Once Out of Nature' - Natural Religion as a Pleonasm 1:14:56
Prof. Jim Al-Khalili - Alan Turing: Legacy of a Code Breaker 1:02:34
Prof. Diarmaid MacCulloch - Silence in Modern and Future Christianities 1:01:26
Prof. Diarmaid MacCulloch - Getting Behind Noise in Christian History 1:17:3
Prof. Diarmaid MacCulloch - Silence Transformed: The Third Reformation 1500-1700 1:04:09
Prof. Diarmaid MacCulloch - Silence Through Schism and Two Reformations: 451-1500 1:16:41
Prof. Diarmaid MacCulloch - Catholic Christianity and the Arrival of Ascetism, 100-400 1:13:40
Prof. Diarmaid MacCulloch - Voices and Silence in Tanakh and Christian New Testament 1:06:42
Lord Sutherland - David Hume and Civil Society 1:16:30
Gordon Brown - The Future of Jobs and Justice 1:18:26
Prof. Peter Harrison - Science, Religion and Modernity 1:10:25
Prof. Peter Harrison - Science and Progress 1:18:11
Prof. Peter Harrison - Fallen Knowledge 1:08:06
Prof. Peter Harrison - The Disenchantment of the World 1:05:04
Prof. Peter Harrison - The Cosmos and the Religious Quest 1:02:23
Prof. Peter Harrison - The Territories of Science and Religion 1:13:29
Patricia Churchland - Morality and the Mammalian Brain 1:14:13
Terry Eagleton - The God Debate 1:02:20
Michael Gazzaniga - We Are the Law 1:01:35
Michael Gazzaniga - The Social Brain 1:02:22
Michael Gazzaniga - Free Yet Determined and Constrained 1:11:30
Michael Gazzaniga - The Interpreter 1:19:53
Michael Gazzaniga - The Distributed Networks of Mind 1:15:22
Michael Gazzaniga - What We Are 1:07:52
Diana Eck - The Pluralism Within 1:11:24
Diana Eck - Religious Views of Religious Pluralism II 1:19:11
Diana Eck - Religious Views of Religious Pluralism I 1:08:3
Diana Eck - The Civic Perspective: Citizens, Nations, and the Challenges of Religious Pluralism 1:28:11
Diana Eck - The New Cosmopolis: Cities and the Realities of Religious Pluralism 1:12:26
Diana Eck - Globalization & Religious Pluralism 1:22:02